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Learn from Others Just like Beverly Holmes Diltz

When you become successful in life, it is easy to look down on the advice that other people may have to offer you. You might end up believing that you know a lot because you are successful and do not need to know more. Wise leaders and change-makers know that this is not the case. They seek out advice wherever they can get it and use it to draw life’s lessons. That is exactly what Beverly Diltz did with Nelson Mandela and you can see this on Beverly Holmes Diltz account on Medium.

Beverly Holmes Diltz account on Google Sites tells of a successful entrepreneur who is also passionate about social justice. She has succeeded in the legal field as well as in business. With her success, you would think that she had nothing more to learn from others. This is not true. The entrepreneur travel-led to South Africa a few years back and had the chance of meeting one of the most influential people in the world, Nelson Mandela. She had the privilege of spending some time with the icon and his family. During this time she listened to different stories from Winnie Mandela about the struggles that she went through to get to where she is. Furthermore, she got one of the most valuable life lessons from Nelson Mandela, “Do not let any man outshine you.”

With this valuable advice, Beverly Holmes Diltz returned to her home and used those words to define the pursuit of her goals. This is evident in everything she does. Whether it is pursuing her legal profession or fighting for social justice, she works hard and refuses to let anyone outshine her. The noblest thing about her pursuits is that they are aimed at helping others as well. Part of her success can be credited to her trip to South Africa and embracing the late Nelson Mandela’s advice.

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